Day Tours

“Man From Snowy River” Day Tour

The most popular day trip is our “Man From Snowy River” tour which runs during the summer months November thru to June, departs Mansfield and takes in Mt Buller, Mt Stirling, No. 3 Razorback, Monument, Summit and Clear Hills 4WD tracks, Craig’s Hut and Razorback Hut. The 360° views which stretch over the mountain ranges, valleys and the bush fire devastated alpine forests are absolutely breathtaking. The rugged 4WD tracks that wind their way up the mountain sides, across ridges and thru the burnt forests have inspired guests to comment “better your vehicle than mine” and “I’m glad you are driving”, all of this whilst your experienced host maintains an ongoing commentary about the area and its history. The experience is one that you will never forget.

“Mountains and Gold” Day Tour

Popular winter tour departing Mansfield to Jamieson following the early prospectors along the Goulburn thru the long disappeared mining settlements of Flour Bag Creek, Kevington, Gaffneys Creek, Knockwood and A1 Settlement as they chased the riches that lay in the freezing waters of the mountain streams and beneath the rugged and inhospitable mountains. Past modern day operations still pursuing the gold that this remote area has tried to keep hidden, thru mountain ash forests to Woods Point an isolated town surrounded by mountains, ravaged by bushfires and virtually deserted after the gold ran out but steeped in history and still home to a few hardy souls.

“Cattleman’s and Refuge Huts” Day Tour

A day of adventure and 4 wheel driving as we follow the fire tracks and logging roads, winding our way along fern filled valleys, crossing rocky mountain streams, climbing steep mountain sides of mountain ash and snow gums forest. Seeing first hand the devastation of the horrific bushfires and natures ability to revegetate and renew whilst visiting some of the iconic cattleman’s huts such as Tomahawk Hut, Razorback Hut, Craig’s Hut (Man From Snowy River), Bindaree Hut, Stoney’s Hut, Upper Jamieson Hut. This is a day of absolute wonder, magnificent views and a fantastic 4 wheel driving experience. (This can also be enjoyed as an overnight or multi day camping trip as one day is not long enough to fully appreciate and see all there is.)

“Bushrangers and Outlaws” Day Tour

The day commences with a visit to the Mansfield cemetery where we visit the graves of the three police murdered by the Kelly Gang, we then travel to Glenrowan, the site of the final shoot out with police where Ned was captured. This historic town is steeped in history, has several museums, places of interest and an amazing electronic re-enactment of the Kelly’s last stand. Then across Kelly Country to Moyhu, Greta onto Powers Lookout where detailed information on the area and its history is displayed, the views from the lookouts over the King Valley and beyond are spectacular giving you a insight into why bushranger Harry Powers chose the location as a hideout and vantage point. From here we make our way to Stringy Bark Creek the site of the fatal shooting of the three Mansfield Police that led to the proclamation of the Kelly Gang as Outlaws, we then return to Mansfield. (This tour is also available as part of our accommodation and tour package).

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